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Rachid Lamalam Manager of Organization & Entertainment (It's Showtime / Enfusion)

In August 2010, during the live finals production of reality television show 'ENFUSION' (Season 1) in Lisbon, I, as floor manager, had the opportunity to work with ring announcer Douglas McAdam of Fight Sport MC. He immediately impressed us with his professionalism and he handled a constantly changing Fight Card with confidence.

The entire 'ENFUSION' team were happy with Dougie and so he was invited to work on 'ENFUSION' Season 2, this time in Thailand.

During the three week production of this project, we scheduled two tournaments in the 'Petch Buncha' Boxing Stadium on Koh Samui. I was not only impressed by his style, personality and voice, but especially by 2 specific items;
He took his job very seriously and I noticed that he spent a lot of time in his preparation. Because of his preparation, he was able to open the event in the Thai language. Not a few words, but a complete introduction! We all were very surprised and impressed, but the Thai visitors were shocked and gave him and rightly so, a standing ovation. By the beginning where he warmly welcomed the Thai audience, we had a good gala rotated. He has ensured that the public was the ideal audience for our event. This is unique, not every announcer can do it the way he did and I will never forget!

At last, a personal note, I hope to work with him again in the near future.

Stefania Picelli, CEO of and promoter of 'Yokkao Extreme'

"I first saw Douglas McAdam of 'Fight Sport MC' in England where he presented a Muay Thai Super Fight between two Yokkao sponsored fighters (Liam Harrison v Saenchai). I was immediately impressed with his overall style of presentation and especially his great voice. He worked the audience well and was professional throughout. Shortly after this event, I contacted Douglas to have him present the 'Yokkao Extreme 2012 'promotion in Milan, Italy.

This was a massive event with over ten thousand spectators and was broadcast on the television network Eurosport. Once again, Douglas was superb and even opened the show in Italian. I would recommend Douglas to any promoter looking for a top level presenter and I look forward to working with him again on 'Yokkao Extreme 2013'.

Dan Green, CEO, Fight Sport Industries

"There are many MCs out there you might use on an event; they have a bit of a voice, they'll turn up on time, do an okay job, serve the purpose and go home again. Or you can want one of the best there is and work with Douglas McAdam.

An MC is such an important and integral part to any top level event and Douglas McAdam is a truly great MC. Douglas has a booming voice and an ability to carefully direct an audiences attention combined with the first hand experience of working with the highest level of production. A consumate professional who always delivers at a world class level.

Douglas though doesn't just stop there. A truly passionate individual and at heart a dedicated fan who is keen to help all combat sports develop and grow, Douglas is always willing to help a show in any way he can both pre and post event - a true, knowledgeable and experienced value add for any promoter!

If you're looking for an MC and have found Douglas McAdam then look no further".

Corin Bennett, Production Manager/Floor Manager, Central Media Productions

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dougie McAdam on several events for different clients. We recently worked with Dougie on the Sky Sports 'MSA - Muay Thai Premier League' from a number of high profile UK arena's including London Excel, Manchester MEN, and Birmingham NIA.

Dougie is a real joy to work with, he is totally professional and focused, understanding exactly what is required from him from a TV production point of view and delivering consistently, he takes direction exceedingly well and will also fill to perfection when needed, his timing is excellent. He is very relaxed and has a great sense of humor, making him an excellent addition to any production.

Dougie really knows how to work a crowd and whether he is introducing superstars of the fight game i.e Buakaw, Anuwat etc or introducing the first fight of the night he always gives it 110%, it is always a pleasure and a relief when you hear Dougie is going to be involved in a production."

Swee Lip Quek, CEO MSA

"Dougie McAdam has presented all 3 MSA 'Muay Thai Premier League' supershows - Bolton Reebok, MEN Arena and ExCel. It is delightful to see how quickly he has developed into the truly consummate professional he now is. The true test of an MC is to orchestrate and exhilarate the emotions of the crowd for the purpose of creating optimal enjoyment of all involved. This, Dougie does in spades! He is also an absolutely great guy to work with - one who will always go the extra mile.

Good though he is, I am convinced that for this driven young man, the best is certainly yet to be. I wish him every success and would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to any promoter looking for an utterly personable, reliable and excellent MC".

Liam Harrison

"My name is Liam Harrison, I am a three time World Champion Thai Boxer. I recently headlined a promotion in Liverpool which was being presented by Ring Announcer Douglas McAdam of Fight Sport MC. This was the first time I had been introduced by Douglas McAdam and I was immediately impressed with his professionalism and presenting style. He took the time before the show to chat with me and all other fighters to gather information regarding our experience, titles etc. This was all included in my pre-fight introduction.

I have fought all over the world on some of the biggest shows in recent history and the introduction I received in Liverpool was as good as any I have ever received in Japan, Thailand, Jamaica, Europe etc.

As a fighter, you appreciate and remember a good introduction, one that gets the crowd excited and that is exactly what Douglas McAdam delivers.

I really hope we can work together again."

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